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converting forks to Ohlins

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After much research, I ordered the Cartridges for my 2015 RGS from Howard and plan on a DIY install. Anyone done this that has pics? BTW I did the rears already.
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One of the unnamed members stopped on by to have both ends done on Monday with Arlin Ness Hot Legs on his 2015 (I think). Took all day 9am~10pm (including a long lunch which is a must) than about 2 1/2 hours to set it up the next day. He & his wife than left for the keys for a few days. Maybe after he gets back home next week he may say something of his experience if inquiring minds want to know.

Please all think kind thoughts for TJ316 as he is getting a new CV joint (Hip replacement) in yesterday. I will make a note as he may look at the suspension part right after recovery on his I-Pad if he has a connection. Tim, good luck & get your bike back together.


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removal phase--
Everything is going smooth. disassembled the bike and removed the valve from the bottom (pic attached) and the .150 from top of the stanchion tubes. All good.

Couple small annoyances I overcame so far....
You need a fairly long 12mm Allen key to reach the bottom bolt on the right slider, you will also need to use your impact wrench on these bolts and it is deeply recessed, not an off the shelf item at HF, or Sears (I looked) I ended up buying a 12mm allen and cutting the short side off placing in a impact socket, BAM, solved.

Which oil to use? I watched Howard's video and Amy calls out using Ohlins 5wt. Which sounds correct for cartridges, but the manual calls out for a specific part number 01309-01, which dude at the parts counter tells me is closer to 7.5 wt, ahh shit.
A quick call to Howard and he clarifys. Use the part number. Thanks Howard. To be honest I was tempted to just buy belray oil 5wt. I bit the bullet and bought the Ohlins oil, I want this install pure to Howard's instructions. I might contemplate another oil in the future, but need this initial install "baselined."

Level of difficulty so far? It is relative to your skill set.
I spent another life as an aircraft mechanic and the last 25 as a project manager in IT and disaster recovery. And for me it is about a 7 (because of machining step). Ymmv.

I will check in again once installed and setup.
Ohlins oil is 5W. Here is the oil list I have from Ohlins.

Öhlins Fluids I mentioned 01309-01 Viscosity, cSt: 19,0 @ 40º C. This is not the "weight" as they rate them much differently.

The evolution of lubrication fluids is a never ending story and Öhlins Racing AB is committed to offer the latest technology to all our customers. This autumn we will launch a completely new shock absorber fluid with very high durability in both hot and cold conditions, and viscosity as low as 11cSt at 40o Celsius.
The fluid has a very high viscosity index and it will be a trusty friend in your shock for a long time thanks to an increase in the wear out performance. You will also have less fading in your shock due to the new recipe.
Together with the new shock absorber fluid Öhlins is just about to introduce a powerful, new range of front fork fluid that will give you the best possible performance when riding on your bike. This new front fork fluid has a viscosity index that is almost three times wider than its predecessors, and it is designed to lower the friction in your front fork.

The engineers at STATOIL have found a way to cut friction with more than 30%! Quick air release and high resistance against foaming is another two strong ingredients and combined with long life time this new front fork fluid is the perfect match for your front fork.
Part No Discription Viscosity, cSt Contains Appl.
01312-01 Front F. Fluid #2,5 15,0 1 Litre For Öhlins RR/MX forks
01312-02 Front F. Fluid #2,5 15,0 1,4 Litre For Öhlins RR/MX forks
01312-10 Front F. Fluid #2,5 15,0 10 Litre For Öhlins RR/MX forks
01310-01 Front F. Fluid #5 22,0 1 Litre For Cartridge Forks
01310-02 Front F. Fluid #5 22,0 1,4 Litre For Cartridge Forks
01310-10 Front F. Fluid #5 22,0 10 Litre For Cartridge Forks
01315-01 Front F. Fluid #10 35,0 1 Litre For Cartridge Forks
01320-01 Front F. Fluid #15 50,0 1 Litre For Cartridge Forks
01325-01 Front F. Fluid #20 99,0 1 Litre For Non Cartridge Forks
01309-01 Suspension Fluid 19,0 1 Litre For Variuos Appl.
01309-10 Suspension Fluid 19,0 10 Litre For variuos appl.

Part No Description Viscosity, cSt Contains Appl.
00105-01 Shock Abs. Fluid 28,0 1 Litre For R&T Shocks
00105-10 Shock Abs. Fluid 28,0 10 Litre For R&T shocks
01304-01 Offroad Racing Shock Fluid 16,0 1 Litre For Car&MC Offroad
01304-10 Offroad Racing Shock Fluid 16,0 10 Litre For Car&MC Offroad
01309-01 Suspension Fluid 19,0 1 Litre For R&T shocks and Steering Dampers
01309-10 Suspension Fluid 19,0 10 Litre For R&T shocks and Steering dampers
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