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Corbin Solo

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Rode down to Corbin in Hollister, CA and picked the design(s) and materials in person. Mike was there making it even more of an experience.

My wife went Corbin Solo with a back rest in two tone, looks great on her Moroccan Gold 2014SG. Solo for me with deluxe pillion and backrest. Both are leather seat and vinyl sides.

The removable pillion came in handy for Street Vibes while Sleepy was getting his 113 we two-upped on the SG.

IMO baggers look mean with solo seats and the option to install the pillion already paid for itself, but wife said the pillion was nothing like my Le Pera Maverick full length. In this life I'll never know and hopefully not the next either.
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Seat looks sweet! Do you have more pictures? With pillion etc. Did they custom shape it for you? How are you liken it? How does she like hers?
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