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So after much deliberation and thought I do not want to modify my stock HK radio I just want to change the entire system check the pic below and any thoughts or lessons learned from other riders using in any one of these items any input would be appreciated.... And yeah I'm raising lots of teenagers so my budget sucks
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For starters, if you're swapping the head unit, you'll need an install kit as aftermarket radios are about half of the size of the HK. You'll also need a kit to maintain handlebar controls, if you still want them. There are many companies that make both (sosche, biketronics, ect) so no worries there but for both, you're looking at 150-200 bucks. Best thing to do is check out Crutchfield, as they will put the whole kit together for you, for a decent price.

I believe you'll be pretty happy with the SS amp and the Kappas. I hear nothing but good things about both, especially if you're just wanting to get louder and clearer audio as compared to stock. I'm sure the same can be said for those 6x9s, but I can't speak for them as I have no experience with them.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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