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Couldn't find a thread I wanted to hijack...

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So after much deliberation and thought I do not want to modify my stock HK radio I just want to change the entire system check the pic below and any thoughts or lessons learned from other riders using in any one of these items any input would be appreciated.... And yeah I'm raising lots of teenagers so my budget sucks
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I'm running the amp and speakers and think they're about the best bang for the buck. You might want to look into one of the aftermarket plug and play HU's if your on a budget. They fit in the oem location and the hand controls will work without a control inerface module.

There are two companies out there making plug and play HU's. Jensen is one and Aquatic is the other. I installed a Jenson on a friends bike a few years ago and it sounded pretty good. IronMark and a few others here installed the Aquatic recently and gave good reviews.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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