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So while for the most part I (actually) liked the stock 2010 handlebars, I was having a bit of an issue with fatigue/numbness on longer rides. However being the picky bastard that I are...I could not quite manage to find another set of bars that I liked. However since my brother was in town over the holidays, we'd spent a good bit of quality time at the local dealer, which gave me the opportunity to hop on an 18 and think hay, I might can work with this...

So... I scored a set of chrome take-offs from the parts guy ($50), grabbed the 1-1/4 clamps off eBay for another $35. and then headed for the garage to put them on. Took a few photos of the pinouts to ensure a smooth transition, and in final (garage...) testing everything appeared to work just fine. But...

The first time I tried to use the cruise control, it didn't do shit. Pulling the DTC codes showed:
B1154 - Bullshit nonsense about the brake light.
C1216 - Clutch sensor "shorted" ... Um... WTF??

I say WTF about the clutch sensor because after converting Trixie to a hydraulic clutch awhile back it had previously not worked at all. The switch didn't seem to line up, but I didn't really care because everything else worked ... And after 30+ years of riding I didn't really need a clutch safety anyway. But it didn't - quite exactly - stay "broken"...

The 2010 clutch safety switch appears to be normally open, and the 2015 and up (hydraulic) clutch safety switches appears to be normally closed. And since -- Apparently... -- I got the clutch master cylinder completely seated in the switch assembly...(on the second try) was killing the cruise control (NO vs. NC) unless the clutch was pulled in.


Disabling the clutch safety by pulling the black with a red stripe wire out the the left handlebar switch brought the CC back to life ... But it did make for quite an interesting exorcise in diagnostics, trying to figure out WTF had gone wrong in the first place.
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