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Cruise control shutting down

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Well, Yesterday the wife and I finally had the chance for a long ride. And I had the opportunity to use the cruise control after just having the 15000 mile service done. The cruise control kept shutting down after a short period of time of being on. I just wanted to shoot this information out there to see if others had this happen to them and some possible solutions. Can it have something to do with the brakes or the brake adjustment? Or is there a cruise control adjustment? I haven't looked at it yet but I will and post later. Please reply with all input to let others know as well.

INFO: 2003 ROADGLIDE FLHRI ( 100th anniversary edition )


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Try adjusting the throttle/idle cables (slackening them) a bit.

I had the same problem on my 03, and that cured it. The problem happens when you are crusing along with your hand resting on the throttle. Then you hit a small bump, or shift your hand just enough to slightly roll off the throttle, and the roll-off switch does it's job.

As stated above, I would not recommend bypassing the switch. It's there for a reason...

Good Luck, and I hope this helps...
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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