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Posted these photos on "What did you do to your Road Glide today" last night, and thought I would post here too, because when I was researching the CD LED for my '18 RGU, very little came up. Many aren't aware they're now available for 2015-2019 Glides.

Yep, they are expensive, and yep, if you want a less expensive light that works well, there are plenty of them around. These work great and they have a lifetime guarantee. In combination with the Clearwater Darlas and the CD turn signal inserts, my front-end lighting/oncoming visibility upgrade is over.

Just for fun, if you're a guy who would run aircraft landing lights on his scooter if it was legal, Clearwater makes a light called the Sevina, at 7500 lumens each. Stupid bright and during the day you have to run them at 10-20% or you'll blind oncoming traffic on a sunny day. I run with my Darlas, at 2000 lumens each, around 40% during the day and when I hit the brights on the Ultra, they automatically go to full bright.

PLUS, with the internal amber turn signal and emergency flasher feature, the TruBEAM is dead sexy.

All photos taken with TruBEAM on low beam. Amber flashers, left and right turn signals shown.

Just found out the system won't let me post the photos again after posting them last night, so if you'd like to see them, you'll have to find them here: Post #12727.
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