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CVO Cans, Fullsac 2-1/4 Baffles and Fullsac SOLD

Screens - Possible trade for 58mm TB

Harley Davidson CVO cans with Fullsac 2-1/4" cores and screens. Check the Fullsac web site, the cores are $139 and the screens are $79, don't forget the CVO cans.

2006-2016 CVO Power Core

Great looks and great performance. No tune necessary if you're just changing mufflers on your Stocks system.

One muffler has a slight chip on the bottom side, no damage to the tip just the paint flaked off, can easily be touched up. You notice in the first two pictures that you cannot see the chip at all, it's on the very bottom.

$300 including shipping and any fee's.


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