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D&D Fat Cat with ghost pipe

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Selling my Chrome slant cut D&D Fatcat with matching ghost pipe. Both are in good shape, but they are used so they are not perfect. I want to be honest about the condition. There is not any road rash or deep scratches. There is some boot marks and burn on bits of road tar. Not bad at all but it is there. There are also some very fine scratches on the shields near where they bolt to the heads. The pipes have the small O2 sensors so they will fit 10-15. Slant cut to match the bags. I can email more pictures, just message me your email adress

Asking $750 plus shipping. Do not want to separate and not looking for any trades.


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If you decide to separate, keep me in mind. I'm interested in the Ghost pipe. Thx
I'd be interested in the exhaust only. If Q hog wants the ghost pipe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts