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I am now another Smarty disciple. I ordered a set of Ohlins HD772 rear shocks from Smarty that are set up for the wife and I.
He walked me through the set up,,,, level out the shocks, crank preload to zero, back off 20 turns then take it for a ride. Tighten preload two cranks, tak'er for a ride on the same route. Turn back to 20 + 2 cranks on the preload. Tak'er out for another spin on the same route.

It's amazing just how well these things make the bike handle. 20 cranks are perfect for two up. 18 cranks had the bike taking the turns at sport touring speed and feel. Well planted. Bike shoots out of he turns at the crack of the throttle with no wallowing. Can really feel the road,,, and more of the imperfections.

22 cranks on the preload brought some of the stock shock wallowing back. Back to 20 cranks and its planted with less road imperfection feel. Great for two up.

I hunted for a nasty familiar road that when I normally would ride I was lifting at all the expansion joints and constantly searching for a smooth line and not finding one. These shocks absorb these sharp little bumps with out issue and while in turns kept the tire chewing at tarmac on the bumps instead of saving tread by floating above the tarmac.

Now I see why ya'll got the Ohlins religion going on and follow the teachings of Smarty.

Now I have to do the front forks,,, Dang'it,, another Harley tithe! Let us pass the plate.
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