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So I thought the Big Seat would sit me down and back compared to the stock seat. Turns out it sits me higher up and closer to the gas tank! I had it long enough to install it and ride about 3 miles. I am 6'3" about 220 pounds and it just won't work for me.

Rather than try and sell it and buy another seat, then sell that one and buy another until I find one, I thought that maybe someone else out there has a seat that doesn't work for them who wants to trade.

Mine is a Danny Grey Big Seat with the AirHawk padding (model 21-417AIR, $520ish shipped) . It is all leather and has some design stitched on it. It looks awesome and it is really comfortable, but like I said, high and up not down and back.

If anyone is interested in a swap, let me know what you have and maybe we can help each other out!


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