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Been contemplating this for the last couple rear tires , but I thinketh I will next change out , which will be soon ..

What are you using in the 16" ??

195's ??

I know someone who has a 205 , but it is snugg

I thinketh Roadies are a bit forgiving , maybe it's the weight advantage , but several peeps I know with Dynas , heritages and the like , tire brand is really important , some brands just don't work for them ..

What say ye ?
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I am running a G-Max 205-55-16. I think a 60 series tire will make you speedo more accurate. with my 55 series mine was off by about 3 mph. I use my Thundermax to calibrate my speedo.

Be aware that if you do this "real bikers" like 05 Train who have never run a car tire will gladly tell you why it won't work and how mounting one on your bike will cause you to spontaneously combust!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Most importantly, I recommend using Ride On to balance the tire.
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Quit trying to Hijack the thread. No one asked if a motorcycle is still as a motorcycle if you put a car tire on it. Be assured that if anyone does I will recommend that they ask you.

You are just another one of the self centered (all of your opinions are facts) idiots trying to tell other folks what they can and can't do.

I just checked your threads, you never once mention putting a car tire on your bike, but now you magically did and you are an expert.

Yes, I have seen the article about wheel rims before and how putting a car tire just won't work. Pretty sure that must be the reason my tire came off and I died. Oh wait that never happened. I simply have ridden 15.000 miles with no fuss and no muss. For that matter their isn't a single documented case of it happening ever.

So please go back to your crayons and let the adults talk....
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I am running 37 psi cold. I really think that every tire type will have it's own sweet spot.
By the way, as of yesterday I am "Double Darksiding" it.

I am now running a Battle AX BT-45 150/70/17 rear tire up front. Still taking it easy with the new tire so it will be a while (Ohio weather willing) before I know how well it works.

Does this mean I am going to go to heck twice as fast?>:)
Every honest person I have had conversations with about the car tire on their bike, have shared that it is an acquired taste.

They have all shared that it takes more effort to put the bike into a turn and keep it there.

They shared that road imperfections tend to push the bike around:

They say that the reason they do it anyway is because the combined weight of them and their passenger exceeds the motorcycle tire rating, or they don't want to spend the money on motorcycle tires, or the flex in the sidewall from running low pressure helps soften the ride.

I can respect that.

Those who try and say that running a car tire is an improvement have never really ridden a motorcycle or are fooling themselves. When I see sport bikes with car tires then I will consider them.

The '16 RGU handles much better than previous Harleys I have test rode. Some of the earlier touring models felt hinged in the middle when leaned over on less than perfect pavement. Couldn't imagine throwing a car tire into the mix.
I like your post, mostly. Just one thing though, why does handling have to 10/10 super bike handling? I don't ride that way, don't want to. If you do Harley is is the wrong manufacturer. I have never heard anyone claim that super bikes would handle better on a car tire...

I am looking for better handling (and ride quality) for the way I ride. A smoother ride for the wife (she really likes the car tire ride), much better stopping power and I am the guy butt dancing to my cranked stereo doing 75 on the turnpike in a thunderstorm. I may not be the fastest rider in the dry twisties, but when the sky opens up I am the one who has to slow down so I don't lose all my friends.

It all depends what you are looking for, everyone is different, but I found what I was looking for.
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I respect that you are an enthusiast. But you are going right to the thing I said about your way being the right way. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. I rode 4 mc tires down before I switched to a car tire. It works for me. Why does that bother you so much?
Because you are evil Norm, so evil that they have to kill you with fire. Don't feel singled out though cause I am pretty sure they will place me right next to you! :surprise:
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Interesting that when I mentioned sport bikes you all only thought of supersports street legal race bikes. Sport bikes is a much broader category that SS bikes and flying mosquitoes are only a small subset of.

That tell me a lot.
As I see it there are cruisers, baggers/touring, dirt bikes, adventure bikes and crotch rockets / sport bikes.

Is there some other sport (Australian rules football maybe) other than racing when you say sport bike?

Wait, wait, I know Curling! It's Curling isn't it? That is the sport people think of when you say sports bike....sheesh
Here's a question for you guys. My son and I are building a big motor (117) Road King. The bike will occasionally be run on the strip. Will this work for that? It seems like a natural for the application, ie; fat, flat tread for straight line traction. When I was younger we used to run 15 inch car tires on the strip.
I never actually considered it for that purpose, but I would not be surprised if it worked really well. Your right, it does seem like a natural...
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