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Been contemplating this for the last couple rear tires , but I thinketh I will next change out , which will be soon ..

What are you using in the 16" ??

195's ??

I know someone who has a 205 , but it is snugg

I thinketh Roadies are a bit forgiving , maybe it's the weight advantage , but several peeps I know with Dynas , heritages and the like , tire brand is really important , some brands just don't work for them ..

What say ye ?
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If you're not interested in riding a motorcycle, go for it. There's nothing good to be had with a car tire on a bike.
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Be aware that if you do this "real bikers" like 05 Train who have never run a car tire will gladly tell you why it won't work and how mounting one on your bike will cause you to spontaneously combust!
Oh you mean people like me who have tried it? If you want your bike to handle like crap and not be able to take a corner, then go for it. If you never ride in corners with any sort of zest, go for it. If you don't enjoy riding anything other than flat, straight interstates, go for it.

Tried it. It's scary how poorly the bike handled.

And don't bother posting YouTube videos of that idiot on the yellow Goldwing on the Dragon. He's a tool, and he's not proving anything. If riding safety and enjoyment are less important than going 25,000 miles on a rear tire, then get a convertible. But don't tell me what I know. I've ridden a motorcycle with a car tire and it sucks.

Design Differences Between Car and Motorcycle Rim/Tire - Steve Saunders Goldwing Forums
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Quit trying to Hijack the thread. No one asked if a motorcycle is still as a motorcycle if you put a car tire on it.
Never said it wasn't, I just said it doesn't ride like one.

You are just another one of the self centered (all of your opinions are facts) idiots trying to tell other folks what they can and can't do.
Sensitive much? I'm not self-centerd at all (I'm a Buddhist mortician; my life literally revolves around helping others), And I'm expressing both opinion and fact. In my opinion a motorcycle handles like crap with a car tire on it. It's a fact that bike rims and car rims are different, and it's a fact that a bike loads a tire differently than a car. If you don't care about that, have at it. It doesn't have any impact on my life at all. But when you start spreading a bad idea over the internet to people that might not know any better, I'll speak up.

I just checked your threads, you never once mention putting a car tire on your bike, but now you magically did and you are an expert.
While I'm flattered that you care enough about me to research my posts, it's kind of creepy (and I'm spoken for). I've spoken about my bad experience on other forums. You're welcome to look for them elsewhere, I use the same name everywhere (though you have to drop the apostrophe for some of them).

And I've never said anything about being an expert (unlike you). I shared my experience, and I linked a thread on another forum which explains why a car tire is a bad idea.

Yes, I have seen the article about wheel rims before and how putting a car tire just won't work. Pretty sure that must be the reason my tire came off and I died. Oh wait that never happened. I simply have ridden 15.000 miles with no fuss and no muss. For that matter their isn't a single documented case of it happening ever.
Never said anything of the sort, now did I? Plenty of people have unprotected sex without getting herpes too, that doesn't make it a good idea.

So please go back to your crayons and let the adults talk....
Says the guy who took the time to search out whether or not I'd posted about something.

Lighten up Francis.
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