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Been contemplating this for the last couple rear tires , but I thinketh I will next change out , which will be soon ..

What are you using in the 16" ??

195's ??

I know someone who has a 205 , but it is snugg

I thinketh Roadies are a bit forgiving , maybe it's the weight advantage , but several peeps I know with Dynas , heritages and the like , tire brand is really important , some brands just don't work for them ..

What say ye ?
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Every honest person I have had conversations with about the car tire on their bike, have shared that it is an acquired taste.

They have all shared that it takes more effort to put the bike into a turn and keep it there.

They shared that road imperfections tend to push the bike around:

They say that the reason they do it anyway is because the combined weight of them and their passenger exceeds the motorcycle tire rating, or they don't want to spend the money on motorcycle tires, or the flex in the sidewall from running low pressure helps soften the ride.

I can respect that.

Those who try and say that running a car tire is an improvement have never really ridden a motorcycle or are fooling themselves. When I see sport bikes with car tires then I will consider them.

The '16 RGU handles much better than previous Harleys I have test rode. Some of the earlier touring models felt hinged in the middle when leaned over on less than perfect pavement. Couldn't imagine throwing a car tire into the mix.
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Interesting that when I mentioned sport bikes you all only thought of supersports street legal race bikes. Sport bikes is a much broader category that SS bikes and flying mosquitoes are only a small subset of.

That tell me a lot.
I like your post, mostly. Just one thing though, why does handling have to 10/10 super bike handling? I don't ride that way, don't want to. If you do Harley is is the wrong manufacturer.
Harley has come a long way in the handling department. Which is why I finally bought one.

Why someone might want great handling will become apparent if you are ever forced to swerve around an obstacle, or avoid that stupid cager who merges into your lane.

I would rather have great handling, and ABS brakes and never use them, then not have them when they are needed.
If I was able to put my knee on the ground like the guys on the flying mosquitos then I might not be running a car tire but I have these wonderful floorboards that tell me when I'm leaning the bike farther that I should. For as far as my bike can lean the car tire works wonderfully. It is an acquired taste and a lot of the things you mentioned do happen but after putting a lot of miles on it it just becomes part of riding the bike. I enjoy it for me and will run car tires as long as I run the bike.

What really makes me laugh is that people get so offended by this topic. They want to know that the way they ride is the right way. I have ridden motorcycles all my life and this works for me. I don't care what your opinion is on the topic. I like it.
I am definitely not offended. Just trying to keep the conversation balanced. I own a touring bike, sport touring bike, sport bike, dual sport, cafe, and vintage trials bike. I love all motorcycles and my riding style can be described as "the Pace"
I am not telling anyone not to do something.

Just like towing a trailer, you better know your limits and the bikes limits. The majority of folks I have talked to who tow a trailer know that braking distances are increased, maneuverability diminished, and they ride accordingly. I also know one who forgot and got pushed by the trailer when braking for a curve and the oncoming truck clipped trailer when he missed the turn.

Of course none of this is different than raking the front end, extending the swingarm, overloading the suspension, or doing anything else that affects the handling characteristics of the motorcycle.

As along as you understand and accept what you are doing and ride accordingly it is your choice afterall. Wear a helmet and gear? Your choice. Ride wheelie down the interstate? Your choice. Put a car tire on hour motorcycle? Your choice.

Getting away with something, and proving that it is advantageous are two different things though. I don't need to try a car tire to know I wouldn't like it based on the way I ride, another personal conversations I have had with those who choose to run one.
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