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Day Maker Chrome headlights

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I am looking for a used set of Day Maker Headlights in chrome for my 13 custom does anyone know of anyone that is selling a set?
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I've been trying to justify buying Daymakes for 2 yrs now. And I'm happy to say, for a change my procrastination has paid off. here are a couple other options for you:

I'm going with this one, it has a built in fan and if it doesnt work, its cheap enough to try another option down the road .

the guy who works on my bike installed this one on his, its hella bright:
Looks good, but what about heat?
I've been looking for a cheap alternative to daymakers too, and like you I just can't justify the price.

they have a built in fan which is supposed to dissipate the heat. We'll see....
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