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The Touring bikes used to come with a full size windscreen. In 2009 they decided to go for a shorty that looks cool but had no functionality. This has carried over to the SG and RGS/X while on the RG Ultra you get a full size shield. The thought is that you want a really cool town bike as both the SG and RGS do not come with tour packs and such. MY FLTRUSE is awesome on wind management. Just got back from Albuquerque doing 886 miles in one day.
As for the GPS, it works OK but does not stand up to the Garmin. I had 2 Garmin 660's and this GPS is left wanting. Using it on the way to NM and back it worked fine but does not have the refinements of the 660.
As always, the more people complain, the faster HD will act on updating it to our requirements. Initially you could only have 9 waypoints on a map file but enhancements now allow 100. So they are working on it.
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