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Started my planning for Bikeweek, skipping Sturgis this year and heading south. Looking for information on Camping sites and bike attractions.

Camping with nightlife and camping without would be good to know.:D

Bars to see...

Bike shops to visit...

Rides to take...

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Have you checked the website, they usually name the campsites. The main vendor locations are the race track, and Destination Daytona, several rides to do, and things to see, depending on how long you are going to be there. I've already made my reservations, I only camp out in hotels now :D.

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Campground at Cabbage Patch w/nitelife.
Campgrounds near Iron Horse w/nitelife.
You have to ride main street at least once.
Bike show at convention center.
Dealers on Beach street.
Destination Daytona (concerts, vendors, J&P, etc)
Vendors from one end of US 1 (Ridgewood) to the end.
Vendors at NSB H-D.
Coastal-moto on US 1 in Ormond Beach (Ridgewood)

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Couple of bits on attending this event....

ABATE campground is a little outside of all the action so to speak, good blend of activity and mild enough to get some sleep. Security on site firewood available and showers, very nicely priced they really have this well thought out.

Moonshine campground- Little on the wild side but not bad overall.

There is a State campground south on US-1 but I can't remember the name of it. Another relatively good mix of nightlife and ability to sleep.

Roads to use to navigate the area. North to South use Ridgewood Ave. It gets backed up a little in spots but moves nicely the vast majority of the time. Nova Road and Clyde Morris are also good North to South Roads and allow for avoiding most delays.

A1A is a nightmare day and night although you will want to do this at least once just to see it as it is a very nice road that runs right next to the ocean and goes for many miles both North and South, after that you can use Halifax Ave, it runs north and south parallel to A1A and just east of the river on the beach side, sometimes they have Local Traffic only signs posted but I do not recall these last year.

Coming into Daytona from I-4 or I-95 most riders use International Speedway Blvd, and there are a lot of vendors at the Daytona International Speedway but this is another nightmare road during Bike Week and Biketoberfest, it is slow riding and overheating paradise. A good way in after you see Speedway Blvd is to take LPGA Blvd North, it's just West of I-95, LPGA will take you North then East to US 1. When you get to US 1 your close to Mason (Seabreeze) Turn right(South) on Ridgewood and your about a mile to Mason. Go Left(East) and cross the Halifax River on Seabreeze to the beach. If you come in off I-4 go all the way east and it will become Beeville Road or Hwy 400. This will take you right to US 1 (Ridgewood Ave) From Ridgewood you can go left(North) toward Main Street, what is now the Daytona Harley Museum, Beach Street, and the World Famous Iron Horse:) or you can go south (Right) towards Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach.

Eats, the Iron Horse has food relatively cheap and it is really good. If you do and almost everyone does, visit the Iron Horse do NOT park your bike under the decks, unless you don't care about your paint job. You will have beer, spit, cigarette butts and burn out rubber all over your bike (don't ask how I know that) Park at the Quickie Mart right next door.

Hog Haven is a really good BBQ joint next to the Ocean Center (which will have events as well) at the intersection of A1A and Auditorium Blvd. Good Sweet Tea(a staple of the Southern Diet) and a nice view of the biker/people parade.

Lighthouse Landing is at 4940 South Peninsula Drive - Ponce Inlet Florida and is a great casual Key West feeling joint, with a nice view of the Halifax River I have always enjoyed eating at.

Main Street- Not much to say other than if you ride it and again most do, Go from East to West. I like to park and people and bike watch. It goes without saying there are a ton of Bars, Vendors, and all kind of variety here. Beach also has a lot of vendors. Destination Daytona is a good stop, this is a Big Dealership it's like Biker Disneyland Biker stores J&P etc. Bars, Food, Vendors, concerts, and the Rats Hole Show. You may know this but you can ride on the Beach in Daytona There is a $5 per day per vehicle user fee to drive on the beach from Feb. 1 through Nov. 30 the time changes with the months but this is the one that will be in effect during that time.

The Loop is a must ride you can do a search on the web and get the route or just ask any local, this is a well known area ride and gives you a little bit of everything along the way, really nice ride.

I would also at least once go watch some women battle it out at the Cabbage Patch Bar Cole Slaw Wrestling. It is at 549 Tomoka Farms Rd. Samsula, FL. Great place, kind of out there but worth the trip at least I think it is. Lots of parking although a pasture more than a parking lot, and a good amount of vendors(nothing like Main Street but decent) but having a few beers and watching women roll around in Cole Slaw is Hard to Beat. In any case be safe lots of knuckleheads there and have a blast it's a good time.
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