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Was out riding and my check engin and battery lights came on. Bike was running fine. I was 2.5 hrs from home so started back. Night,pitch black here in the CT countryside. Lights started to fade looked at voltage indicator and it was below 10. After about 1/2 hr lights real dim and about 2 mi from home. Called wifey to come so I could follow her home. While waiting all lights except gauge lights went out. Speedo and tach not operating. Had a head lamp and a small flashlight in my mouth and started to follow gorgeous wife home. Lost power could only go 10ish mph.
Got home without getting ran over or running off road. Quiet area.
Charging bike now and lights come on.
Is it just in need off new battery?
2013 FLTRX 28k miles. Daymakers plasma rods cd clusters front and back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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