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Morning Fellas,
So I am up in Alaska right now (Bering Sea, Active USCG) and very far from my bike (in Hawaii). I just ordered some BR 16" K-9 and they are going to be waiting for me when I get back. I just wanted to clarify (since you guys are the experts) I am going to have to buy 6+ cables for a 16" bar set up right? Saw a guy that had a 3"+ for a set of yaffe 12" earlier in this section. I think I am going to go with Magnum Shielding.

Also I was going to buy the 10" extension kit for wiring. That's just a rough guess and I can cut/solder all day to shorten if I have to. If anyone has any guidance/recomendations, I would appreciate it. This is my third time swapping bars, but first time on my RG.

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