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bike is a 06 FLTRI, 12k miles just got her home this week. PO states that she has the 95kit and gear driven cams, but that is what he was told but when he bought her, so i have no paperwork to back this up except the receipt from where he took her in for the 10k service and they changed to the 25 degree injectors and did a download for a 1550 stage 1. finding out who did the work is a going to be impossible. now the bike does run real strong and i have heard gear driven's before and she has the whine of gear driven cams.

as far as a tuner i will be using fuelmoto and power commander. I have heard to much good about jamie and keith not to use them, and i have emailed them and im sure they will get back to me as they get time.

as i see it i have 2 choices.

1. pc3 dresser duals for a 06 w/o o2 bungs and hope that they can get the map real close without knowing exactly what cams i have.

2. use dresser duals from a 07 up with the o2 bungs and going with a pcv and auto tune.

bike has stock head pipes now and some way to quiet slipons. i have a buddy that is giving me a set of older SE slipons he took off a while back. I will be going with true duals, im not looking for every HP & TQ number i can get but a good solid dependable sccot. And she has a high flow filter but i will be chaing that out to a more open air design.

anyway do you all think its worht the extra expense of going with the PCV and auto tune to try to get everythign closer?? and no i dont have a tuner in the area that i know is real good. the joys of living in rural oklahoma :)

crap i got to doing more searches and really confused myself :) i realize true duals will sound better, 2-1 will gain more power, but if i left the stock head pipes, and the SE slipons, would that be a "compromise" between sound and performance??

Thanks all, sorry my typing skills are those of a caveman, which my wife does call me alot :)

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