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I ordered some of these mirrors a while ago and had installed them on my bike. A few of you had said how much you liked the look.

Well I went for a ride on Saturday and went to adjust my right hand mirror and put my finger in the middle of it. When I did I ended up bending the PLASTIC reflective CRAP instead of glass. Now I can't get this stuff to lay flat anymore so I can't see two feet from the mirror.

I don't know how anyone else feels but since I paid a few bucks for these mirrors I expected them to last a while and not be made the way they are.
Now I am going to be out the funds to buy some new mirrors to replace these.

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Give drag specialties a call

I would at least give them a call and see if you can work something out. You may not get anywhere, but what the hell, you will feel better after venting to the company that sold ya the mirrors. Ya never know they may just make it right. They may appreciate the call, if no one tells them they are promoting / selling an inferior product they won't know, and will continue to do so. They may any way, but at least you did your part to let folks know about your experience. Just sayin.
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