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***$100.00 Price Drop***Decided to go with a different exhaust (CFR). So im selling my black Frank Drago true dual system. Comes with 4 inch Drago mufflers and all mounting hardware. I have about 2,000 miles on this system. Will fit 2009 and newer. Asking $550 shipped, Cost me just over $900.00 shipped two months ago. Save some green and get a bad ass performing system. Below is info from Franks site on both the header and muffler.

2 Year warranty

Spiral cut headers inside for turbine flow.

Dual ceramic coating inside and out 4mls thick

02 bungs std.

Year modlels 1986 to 2012

Chrome or Black Heat shields std.

Std price $450.00

With our combo we claim same performance as a 2:1:2 But must have our Headers and Mufflers.

Pipes are 1.3/4 dia. And will work with stock mufflers to any other brands that have 1.3/4 dia. opening.

Our headers will support power from 75hp to 200hp

Dragos S/C/S 3.5 Mufflers & Dragos S/C/S 4 Inch mufflers. & Dragula Mufflers with Tips

Both mufflers come with baffle choice's

1.78-2.05-2.28-2.55 inch.

Black or Chrome

Slash up or down

Straight cut

Side cut.

$435.00 for Dragula style mufflers with tips
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