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Our new Dragula 2 will be out soon we are going to take pre-orders starting
The first ones will be in chrome
Black will be later we still have Dragula 1 in black.
Dragula 2 will be out in 3 weeks .
I will post more info later today.

The pipe will still have a 10 year warranty on construction. 2 Year on heat shields and muffler body.

Things that are different are......

Muffler body will be longer....

Less bends more tucked in what I call Double V bend.

Different baffle design will produce less heat at collector.

And you can get it with a 3.25 baffle in future.

Longer transition in internal core design in muffler and baffle body.

Still 16 gauge steel
Still will have 12mm 18mm 02 bungs
Still comes with top and bottom heat shields
Still comes with billet end cap tips
Still has 3 different baffles to chose from.
Still will have Ceramic coating inside and out 4mls thick total.

Here is a prototype picture of it with out heat shields.
I will have more to come with more pics and dyno sheets on builds.


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Want a black dragular 2 with chrome tip...will be contacting you Monday :)
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