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Selling a Dyno Jet Target Tune Kit with wideband O2 Sensors. Purchased but NEVER Installed or used, Brand New
Asking $450 Shipped, PayPal Please
Any questions please feel free to ask...

Dynojet's Target Tune is an exciting product that can add a new dimension to your Harley-Davidson's ECM. When paired with a Target Tune specific calibration flashed by your Power Vision, the Target Tune allows the factory ECM to interpret and use wideband O2 sensor signals and retains OEM closed loop and achieves adaptive fuel control strategy. The Power Vision delivered calibration changes the coding in the ECM to understand, learn and use VE table corrections as you ride and the target fuel table from the calibration is achieved in real time. No computer or Dyno is required and it does not interfere with dealer diagnostic/service tools.

Note: Requires Power Vision Target Tune specific calibration.

Note* I'm selling a DynoJet Power Vision on another post... if your interested in both, let me know, we can work out a combo deal...
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