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EDIT: The unit shipped to me as a V1 which just means it came with a 4 pin cable for my VRod. I have since purchased the 6-pin cable which makes it a V2, I also added a photo showing the current status of the device. I will provide the original invoice so you can have full map support from Fuel Moto. This has already been confirmed by Jaime at Fuel Moto by several interested buyers.

I have a Powervision from Fuel Moto with the handlebar mount that they include. I also have two cables, one for the Touring bikes and one for the Vrods and other bikes. Everything that was included in the original box is still here and like new. This is not married to any bike, and you do NOT need to purchase a license to use it. I thought I was going to be able to use it for the M8 but I need to sell this to get a HD Street Tuner in order not to void the warranty. I will ship same day if money sent before 3 pm EST.

You can check my feedback on under the same username.

This is a great tuner.

Price changed- First $350 gets it shipped to their door.

Paypal only


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