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just wanted to give a heads up to folks about this ebay seller. I recently bought a set of cyclesmith banana boards from him. got them for a very good price. shipping to me was quick, but unfortunately, I got the wrong boards (riveted, I ordered non-riveted).

contacted the seller and he got a new set out right away (first plus). then after I received the correct boards, I found that I didn't really care for them. didn't like the position they put my feet in, and when folded up they do hit the primary cover and the exhaust heat shields. I contacted the seller to return them. his auctions specify 30 day returns. they even provided a return label to send them back.

now, here is where I screwed up. I neglected to take a picture of the label before sending the box back. so I really had no 'proof' that I sent them back. my fears turned out to be unfounded as my refund was processed without a hitch. (plus two).

so, based on my experience, even though the boards weren't for me, I would recommend this seller.

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