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I have a used EFM auto clutch, This is the complete unit as taken out of my bike. The only thing missing is the snap retaining ring on the back of the clutch basket on the inner hub shaft.

With that said, This was on the bike when I bought it, I had no desire for this and went back to a regular stock clutch, according to the selling dealer who installed this clutch he says two years ago. The unit performed as it should when I drove it.

Both the basket and the inner hub have been machined for this unit, The ears on the basket has indentations from the frictions and the inner hub has some indentations from the steels, whether or not they are worn too much is up to the new owner, I/m sure EFM would machine new ones or yours for you for a very reasonable rate, they seemed more than helpful to me with my questions.

The pressure plate is a very nice machined piece.

$125 OBO Plus shipping gets it. These are like $650 new

I have more pics that I can email or text if requested.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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