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Has anyone installed, or better yet has pics, of El Diablo apes on their RG? I contacted Demon Cycle to ask which bars fit RG's and was a little confused with their response...

In the 1st pic below, shows the dimensions of their "universal" apes which first stuck my eye. They have an 11-inch base which to me seems a close match to stock or heritage bars. The only thing these bars lack are notches for throttle-by-wire. But the guy at Demon Cycle was insistent that these will not fit RG's.

He instead referred me to these "dresser, bagger" bars - see the 2nd pic below. As you can see these have a wide 18-inch base which to me seems a bit tight to fit inside a RG fairing. I suspect these are really for batwing's, not shark nose's. But not according to this guy at Demon Cycles.

Am I delusional?


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