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Electronic Throttlel

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I should know the answer to this but I thought I would throw this out here for the masses
I have a 2008 Glide and I am not a fan of the electronic throttle
There is lag in the throttle and when I am rolling through corners at speed it is as smooth as it should/could? be
This is my 6th Harley and i have owned it since it was new
All my other bikes were cable
What is the solution ,is there a adjustment or can I go back to cable ?
I have done zero checking on this and am starting today

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My 2010 With the TBW is awesome maybe 2-3 degress play from idel to go then it is GAME ON! no play or lag
mine leaks air out also I think it is all the fittings I think I am going to
see if I can put a valve stem on each shock
have someone check it out there is a sleve that catches in a groze that may be slipping
just a little play from the start then it should act just like a cable
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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