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I'm sure it's already been asked, but there's so many topics about "engine" stuff...

I just got a '16 RGU. I'm already in the process of putting a tuner, pipes, and air cleaner on it already. But I'm planning for future ugrades...

I already know I want to go bigger. Either a 110 or 117.

My question is;

Other than S&S and Fuel Moto, which I've heard and read good things about, what other companies are out there that offer bigger kits? AND What has your experience been with the company itself and the parts sold to you?

I don't like the phrase "who makes the best kit...?" because everyone in the forum has their own opinion. I'm looking for different companies that some of you have gone with and I'll do my research from there. Yes, I know that just doing the "stage 1" will put a lot of life into it... I currently have a dyna with a "Stage 1". I ride 2 up at times. Hence the reason I got the RGU. This bike has the same engine as my dyna. Will the 103 on the RGU be able to do that? Yes, I know it will. However, I already know I'm going to want more. haha...

Thank you guys for your input.
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