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First had the following codes which posted early after a bad riding day.
RGC 2012
P0131 Front Oxygen sensor low
P1510 Limp mode
P2127 TGS2 Low/Open
P2138 TGS correlation error
Pn 32999-11 ??? possible throttle position
Reset the code riding trouble free for few days.
Then P1510 Limp Mode and P2127 TGS2 Low/Open repeated through a long day riding.
The TGS seen to be the problem.
Tested device resistance with a meter between pins;
1 to 3 =6K ohms
3 to 2 =176 ohms
2 to 1 =6K ohms
TG 2
4 to 6 =6K ohms
5 to 6 =176 ohms
4 to 5 =6K ohms
No resistance changes when twist the throttle.
Since the problem was intermittent follow through the cable pulling and shaking it. Bingo 1 to 3 circuit braking open. Found wire of pin 3 broken near the neck before going into the fairing.
Just sharing the info the service manual don't give values of the TGS1 and 2 resistance. Only show the wiring circuits.
Back on the saddle trouble free... for now

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