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Awesome ride of about 350 miles today, weather was perfect. Ran into a little road construction but it is unavoidable IMO this time of year. Bike decided to start running rough and finally the check engine light came on. Limped her home and checked the codes. CPK sensor out of sync and idle speed control. Taking her in tomorrow. Thankfully I have the ESP. Had the same problem in May, but it also threw the MAP sensor code. I cleared the codes in May because she started running better after I messed with it and found a really dirty air filter. The dealer couldn't recreate all of the codes, just the MAP so they replaced that. I'm not touching the codes this time. $50 lesson. I hope they can get her in soon.

2011 RGU stock except for mufflers and screaming eagle plugs/plug wires. Codes are p0374 and p0505.
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