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Good Morning, I typically don't log on here much anymore, however, I wanted to compliment a great company.

White preparing the bike for an upcoming trip and as I was installing my new GADs, I noticed that my left Sancho Wing was badly cracked. Not wanting to make the trip (4 day 3000 mile loop) without them I ordered a new set and then contacted David on 6/30 and asked for help to which he said no problem.
Sure enough, even with the holiday inspired long weekend, when I got to the PO on 7/7 my new wings were waiting for me.
I was impressed and surprised as I did not know that he had redesigned them. I like the new size and these have much better adhesive and fasteners than my original set which are a couple (three?) years old.

Anyway, thanks David, you are a stand up guy and a man of your word.

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