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exhaust change help

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Hey guys i bought a 15 road glide about 4 months ago. I put a set of vance and hines big radius exhaust on before i took delivery of the bike. I kinda like to change exhaust from time to time, if i was to put the stock exhaust back on and remove the baffles from the tips would i still be ok with the current tune i have or do i need to have it re-mapped. Thanks for the help


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I tell ya this. I have a stage 2 Screaming Eagle kit with a re-map. Bought the bike with V&H muffs. Could not stand the resonance at 70 mph on the super slab so I switched back to OEM muffs. The only difference is better bottom end to medium end torque, a little less giddy-up at the upper end of the rev range. Give it a try. You might not notice anything at all or if you are not impressed, switch it back. Oh by the way. Great looking bike and welcome to the forum.
Before I went with my stage 1 I removed the baffles from my stock mufflers and had no issues. I have been told that you are fine even doing just slip ons but when you open up both ends you need a tune. If you are looking for more sound than stock, check out the Jackpot 4" muffler. I have them with the tunable quiet baffle. Deep tone, louder than stock, but not so loud it pisses me off on long rides.
Thanks for the help. I talked to the dealer that I bought the bike from. The guy said with the tune they put in my bike doing that to the mufflers was fine but he said i was going to have too much back pressure for the tune with the stock head pipe, and i was going to have to relieve some back pressure from a certain area. One i did that i would be good
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