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ok, I installed the hogtunes 5x7 rev/rg on my 05 rg - there is a black/white

wire that's labeled "clutch side " and red/black labeled "brake side" - is says

that's the "expansion port" - - it can be plugged into a seperate set of

speakers but sound will be from radio power only or to 2nd amp -my question

is, a 2nd set of speakers without the amp power , will it be overpowered

sound wise from the amp powered speakers ? - - speakers sound loud

but i haven't put the outer fairing on yet - - still thinking about

seperate "tweeters" to install - - PLUS - what kind of usb plug can I use for

my smart phone instead of using the outside usb plugin to cig lighter? can i

use the inside cig lighter wire as a "3rd" source beside the lighter/amp ? THANKS
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