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Extended Warrenty time

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Checked with the 3 local dealers and lowest I could haggle is $$2200 for 5 additional yrs with wheel and tires. Havnt had wheel and tire coverage before but with all the pot holes and road damage fig it was a good investment.
BTW 2013 FTLRX with 17k and plan on keeping bike for another 5 yrs.
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I sure hope I dont have those issues with my new FLTRUSE, I didn't purchase extended coverage, factory coverage is 2 yrs and HD threw in another year for free. My 2002 FLHTCUI has been flawless regarding issues, I expect for the same with the new double the cost bike. Sure hope I'm not let down......
Just curious as to how/why HD through in an extra year of coverage above the standard 2 year factory warranty?
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