Rocked a MS 6.5 on (4) of my last (5) RGs and missed the look - IMHO, best looking screen on the market - I went a different route with the latest RG as I wanted more of a wind free pocket - Got to thinking I missed the look of the MS so I ordered (1) size up from what I had before with the now For Sale 8.5 - In hindsight, I should have gone 10 for the pocket I want as the 8.5 is too short for what I want - I put my 14 KW SF back on and decided to leave well enough alone.

Thing is brand new...only has finger prints on it - "Placed" it on the bike and could tell it would be too short for my bars and grips so my fuck up could be your gain - Normally $150 plus tax but if you are caller number 17 in the next 10 mins, it can be yours for $130 shipped - Looks like the below - Ask anyone who has purchased stuff from me and they will tell you...I will ignore your IM's, Texts and Posts....I'll ship it within 6 months and rest assured, there will be a booger somewhere for you to find.

Kidding aside, the fucker is brand new and sitting in the original wrapping and original box in my garage - If anyone is looking, hit me up