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I was riding yesterday afternoon gathering ABC HOG points which requires stops along the road to take pictures for the particular point you are after.

My route took me through several counties on remote 2-lane roads. I seldom see many vehicles on the road where a particular county sign is located. Several miles ahead, I never see vehicles where a small town of the letter "X" sign is located. As I was stopped along the 2-lane in front of the county sign to take my picture, I looked back to see a motorcycle approaching from the direction I had come. The man riding stops alongside me on his Honda Shadow to make sure I am OK. I tell him that all is well and after a thumbs up, he rides off. As I am putting my camera back in the Tour Pak and putting my gloves back on, from the other direction a man on a BMW R1200GSA pulls alongside. He makes sure everything is OK and I explain to him what I am doing. He nods with approval and rides off, as well. I take off to gather the "X" town picture and never see another vehicle along my route.

It is good to know that fellow motorcyclists, regardless the make they are riding, will stop to check on one of their own if stopped along the roadside. Makes you feel pretty good if you did need assistance! I know I have stopped for fellow riders and even helped a few that needed it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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