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Not looking to make a killing. Just getting money back for parts I bought but no longer need. PM me if interested.--Rich

New stock cowbells (was going to color match now going in new direction) $25 shipped.

Used floorboards in good shape bit no pins or other hardware (Mrs never rides with me. Lol) $60 shipped.---SOLD

Big Blue Pearl RGC bag latches( upgraded and dont need these) $60 shipped. ---SOLD---

Pro Pad Gel Seat Pad size medium. Diamond Stitched cloth. Used for 0 miles. Wife sat on it and said it was too soft:eek: You cant please some people. I paid $85. You pay $50 shipped.--SOLD--

Stock tri bar light. $40 shipped

All shipping prices to lower 48

1 - 20 of 21 Posts