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finally decided on the direction of the way i will be going for my stereo upgrade this summer. Will be doing it in 2 or 3 stages because i can extend the cost out and do it right the first time. but all will be done by end of riding season.

this will be done on a 2012 Roadglide Ultra (Big pearl blue)

After a lot of reading and researching. I called both Iron cross and biketronics (bill) today and both are GREAT! they took the time to answer all my questions and help pointing me in the right direction. either one tried to sell me anything i didn't need and make some fantastic suggestions.

stage 1
Head unit - sticking with the HK HU because i use the intercom and CB/WX.
going to send to Iron cross and have the preamp outputs installed for front and rear, the bluetooth module and rear AUX jack.

*Biketronics 7.1's in the fairing (already ordered)
*CVO lower speaker adapters (will have painted) with Biketronics Titan II 6.5's running in parallel with fairing speakers on front channel.
*Biketronics BT4180 amp - (even iron cross suggested this one)
*poly fill for the fairing speakers

Stage 2
Biketronics saddlebag lids with 6x9's paint BBP to match.

Stage 3 (optional)
depending if even needed
Biketronics rear speaker pods with 7.1 biketronics

all this being run with the BT4180 amp.
i know its going to be costly and i know i could go to PBR/300 amps to save money but i have installed a few of the rockfords and they are loud. But seemed to be missing in the sound fullness - and i have tried then on both stock and aftermarket HU's.

any opinions or comments feel free or if i am missing something.
most of my research was from roadglide and HDforums - both have great people and full of knowledge so i will be posting this in both forums.

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