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First day out

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Not counting a very short ride yesterday (just to see if I could hold her up), today was the first day of riding since my surgery last month.

It was a beautiful day, sunny with a high in low to mid 90s.

As I was getting ready to roll out of the garage around 0800, I heard the unmistakable rumble of more Harleys. Knowing that I was going to try going for a little longer ride, 5 good friends rolled up to join me. What a pleasant surprise!

We went on the 20th annual Choir Boys MC CUFFS Run. The second stop was a very nice cigar bar where we hung out for a while, enjoying a fine smoke while watching a little college ball. Next stop was a range where you had to shoot your card instead of drawing from a pile.
We took the very long route going to the next stop, before finishing up at a casino.

While I didn't win any of the raffled hardware, (M&P .45, M&P BG38 revolver with Crimson laser, Glock LE43 9mm, or M&P 15 Tactical .223) I still had fun.

Back at the shack I'm a little sore, but man it sure felt good to be back out on 2 wheels... with good friends!
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Sounds like a fun run, glad you're back in the saddle...
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