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First ride after the wreck...

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I finally got to ride my bike since I broke my wrist nearly 6 weeks ago on my FXR.

Good thing I have apes on my Road Glide. I am still wearing a brace on the right wrist until the end of the week so I am unable to get a glove on my right hand but it was so nice to be back on the bike.

Had my FXR completely gone through by a buddy whom I trust explicitly and he was unable to find any problems with the bike at all. Tranny, rear wheel, bearings, clutch, primary etc etc.

I am going to check the bike out this afternoon and I put some bars on it. I'm still quite nervous about riding it due to its temperament. I have been riding many years (19 to be exact) and have never had an issue with the rear wheel locking up. I have had many wrecks, quite a few that were my fault but all easily explained. Going to fast, riding beyond my ability, slamming on the brakes, etc etc.

Regardless, it was a pleasure to be back on the bike this morning and I am looking forward to many more happy miles on the Glide. Had to cancel my trip for this weekend due to the wreck but i see it is supposed to rain and possibly snow all weekend where I was planning on going regardless.

Heres to more gliding. We'll see how it feels without the brace on my wrist on Friday.

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Cruise control works fine, no need for a throttle rocker yet.

Next trip, Santa Clara GD shows in June.
Glad to hear you are getting back in the wind. See you at the shows, I'll be the greybeard with the long ponytail wearing a tye-dye shirt:)
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