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First ride after the wreck...

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I finally got to ride my bike since I broke my wrist nearly 6 weeks ago on my FXR.

Good thing I have apes on my Road Glide. I am still wearing a brace on the right wrist until the end of the week so I am unable to get a glove on my right hand but it was so nice to be back on the bike.

Had my FXR completely gone through by a buddy whom I trust explicitly and he was unable to find any problems with the bike at all. Tranny, rear wheel, bearings, clutch, primary etc etc.

I am going to check the bike out this afternoon and I put some bars on it. I'm still quite nervous about riding it due to its temperament. I have been riding many years (19 to be exact) and have never had an issue with the rear wheel locking up. I have had many wrecks, quite a few that were my fault but all easily explained. Going to fast, riding beyond my ability, slamming on the brakes, etc etc.

Regardless, it was a pleasure to be back on the bike this morning and I am looking forward to many more happy miles on the Glide. Had to cancel my trip for this weekend due to the wreck but i see it is supposed to rain and possibly snow all weekend where I was planning on going regardless.

Heres to more gliding. We'll see how it feels without the brace on my wrist on Friday.

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No shame in the brace for longer, but you can't tell me you didn't go ten feet, stop, repeat a bunch before really excersizing your throttle hand:)
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