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Hoping to get some info here. I have read just about every comment on the amp installs and weather to flash or not and also about a secondary power wire disconnect the one for the amp or leave it hooked up?... very confused now.

I installed new speakers and a new amp. after flipping pout a little have it all done. Sounds ok but not great. was hoping for more. However it is a little better than stock

My question is now that I have installed a amp I am getting a popping sound when I first turn on the bike. Only when I first start the bike. I have read this will go away with a flash? Anyone know this to be true? also with a flash will the sound improve? I have also read to get the dealer to turn amp 1 and 2 off this confuses me some as I just added the amp, wouldn't I want that on? in short what do I tell my dealer to turn off or on or to flash after this mod? I have asked them and they know jack about this stuff!! so just looking for some input on what to do as far as flashing!!

flash yes or no?
turn amps off or on? both 1 amp and 2 amp?
will popping go away?
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