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Price lowered: Chizeled Lo Handlebars - pre-wired from 2015 RG

I really love the way these look, but they just didn't work for me. The reach was just too far. They have only been on the bike for about 2,000 miles (if that).

I have notched the hole for the locating slot (in an effort to reduce the reach). This allows you to pull the bars back about 3". The first picture shows the forward position, the second shows the pulled back position.

These are pre-wired (including the throttle-grip sensor) - so between the sensor and the wire harness there's an extra $165 worth of parts here.

Also, in full disclosure, the wires were cut, butt-spiced (with solder) and then shrink wrapped. I have full confidence in this, but wanted to make sure the buyer knew ahead of time.

The great thing is that these bars are ready to install. You can probably swap them out in about an hour if you know what you're doing. Also, since they contain all the wiring, you can keep your factory bars and swap them again when you sell/trade-in your bike.

$250 + shipping

I know this wiring will work for 2015 RG. I suspect it will work with other model year - Rushmore models, but I can't promise that.

Thanks for looking.

PM if interested.

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