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For Sale: Lots of stuff from/for 2013 RGC or RGC CVO

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FS: Stealth Luggage rack, short passenger back rest, EZ-UP center stand and more

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If you want to separate I would take the short back pad.
Will only separate if someone else posted that they wanted the sissy bar.
All PM's and emails replied to.

Two Air Hawk's sold.
Updated to remove items sold.
Only parts still left are those described in the first post.

Deleted photos of sold items to avoid confusion.
Can I assume the center stand fits with the cross under exhaust?
If you mean the stock exhaust, yes. And if it it's non-stock, as long as the pipe runs the same area, yes.

It really is a slick system. Great for doing fluid change services yourself. Very heavy duty and without a doubt the easiest and fastest installation on anything I've ever purchased!
I'd like the sissy bar and me if it is still available.
Sorry - it literally JUST sold! I came here to remove it.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts