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As the title states I'm selling my 2013 Candy Orange Road Glide Custom. $17,500 obo

Since I no longer take extended trips I'm looking to get something for around town and decided on a V-Rod (will trade for the right one) Yea it's like night and day but it's time for a change.

Mileage 15,200 (still riding)
Candy Orange
Painted Inner Fairing
Madsted Windshield
Hammock Seat
Riders Adjustable Backrest Pad
Detachable Two-Up Tour Pack with King Backrest
Four Point Docking System
Separate Tourrest Backrest
Daymaker Headlights
Custom Dynamics LED Front Blinkers (White/Amber) Smoke Lens
Custom Dynamics LED Red Tail Lights Smoke Lens
Custom Dynamics Plasma Rods in Rear (run, brake and directional)
Michelin Commandor Front and Rear
Soft Lower Fairing covers with orange stiched ROADGLIDE
Curved License Plate Kit
Hertz Speakers (2) hcx130 and (2) hcx165 in the Fairing
RS400 Amp
Boom Hidden Antenna
Chrome Passenger Footboard Covers
Fuel Moto Tuner
Built in garage door opener
A few other extras that I will through in.

PM me for additional information and pictures.


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