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I finally decided that I was tired of the crappy handling and ride on my bike. I spent hours talking to people and reading different posts about suspension upgrades and finally pulled the trigger. I ordered everything from Lindsey at Iron Aces and as usual they were awesome to work with.

I went with the Patriot Suspension Genesis fork kit and Suspension Technologies F-Tech shocks. What really sold me was that I was able to call and speak with the owners of both companies. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions. A big bonus for me is the fact that both are made in America. Lindsey took down my weight, riders weight, and driving style for the shocks. They came dialed in based on that information.

I have had the parts for a while but finally got around to doing the rear shocks this weekend. After about 200 miles today I can't stop smiling! The bike just plain goes where I want it to now. The bumps are confidently absorbed without the need for correction. The front end no longer dives at the first touch of the front brakes. I have not had to touch either the preload or the dampening adjustment on the shocks.

The bike is heading back to Cedar Rapids Iowa with me tomorrow morning for the rest of the summer. I plan on getting lots of riding in while I am there and if everything keeps feeling like it did today I will be a happy camper!


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