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Front brake line question

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I am doing my bars and I think I might be losing my mind or correct and I need help on a ruling.

I am putto g on 14" apes on my 13 RGC. With ABS. When I ordered the replacement front brake line, it came as a short 22" cable. I looked in the manual and it shows a line all the way back to the ABS module behind the bag on the right. If that I'd true, then the line is over 60" long. Or is there a block or hookup somewhere that I am missing? I did a search on a few sites and they all show the short cable. Any help?
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You need to get the midline. Most aftermarket companies sell that line as an upper and lower piece. The midline is always the same length the upper varies depends on the length of your bars. You have to pull the tank. Its not that heavy full.
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