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Front brake line question

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I am doing my bars and I think I might be losing my mind or correct and I need help on a ruling.

I am putto g on 14" apes on my 13 RGC. With ABS. When I ordered the replacement front brake line, it came as a short 22" cable. I looked in the manual and it shows a line all the way back to the ABS module behind the bag on the right. If that I'd true, then the line is over 60" long. Or is there a block or hookup somewhere that I am missing? I did a search on a few sites and they all show the short cable. Any help?
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With ABS the line from the front M/C to the abs box is actually two pieces. It was kn my 11 anyway.
Where was the break at?
After i got to thinking about it, maybe the extended line was the only two piece. The break on the extended line was under the tank.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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